Forsyth Tournament results and All-Tournament Team

The 57th annual Forsyth Tournament proved to be as competitive as expected.  It was a good week of basketball the ended with the home team taking the Championship for the first time since 2002.

With the final days results, the teams finished as follows..

  1. Forsyth
  2. Strafford
  3. Blue Eye
  4. Reeds Spring
  5. Marshfield
  6. Berryville
  7. Hollister
  8. School of the Ozarks.

All-Tournament Team

Jarrett Ray – Berryville

Payton Webber – Hollister

Lane Carroll – Reeds Spring

Ryan Reagan – Blue Eye

Andrew Mitchell – Blue Eye

Triston Letterman – Marshfield

Weston Boswell – Strafford

Riley Oberbeck –  Strafford

Anthony Stanford – Forsyth

*Micaiah Rocha – Forsyth   TOURNAMENT MVP

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