#7 Varsity Football Comes to Forsyth

The #7 story in this years countdown is the first year of Varsity football in Forsyth.

The Panthers kicked things off this season for the first time at the varsity level.  Since, they came in mid-cycle in the MSHSAA calendar it made scheduling a little difficult and made for some out of area opponents.

Despite it being their first season at this level, the Panthers proved to be competitive.  Most first year schools are happy if they can win a single game.  But, Forsyth was much better than that, falling only one game short of .500, finishing 4-5 on the year.  Along the way, they picked up wins over Northeast (Kansas City), Diamond, Rich Hill, and Santa Fe.

Scheduling will get a lot easier next year as the Panthers move into the Mid-Lakes Conference for football.  It looks like that might be a short stay as various school movements will have the Panthers, with a group that is partially different in the 2020 season.

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