Mitchell and Patton Class 2 District 11 Players of the Year…

The Class 2 District 11 in Blue Eye has come out with the choices for All-District Teams.  A Lady Bulldog and a Bulldog lead the list.


Andrew Mitchell               Blue Eye  ( Player of the Year )

Caleb Hillhouse                 Verona

Luke Johnson                     Billings

Tyler Campbell                  Crane

Zach Martin                        School of the Ozarks

Ryan Reagan                      Blue Eye

Wyatt Vaught                    Crane

Josh Goodman                  Marionville

Nate Brown                        School of the Ozarks

Kolton Pinky                       Verona


Class 2

All District 11 Team


Kohnnar Patton                                Blue Eye               ( Player of the Year )

Twilah Carrasquillo                          Verona

Taylor Arnold                                     Blue Eye

Madison Hicks                                   Crane

Shayne Mallory                                 Miller

Megan Caufield                                Galena

Olivia Doto                                          Crane

Lynna Hadlock                                   Miller

Kenedi Larson                                    Blue Eye

Sadie McMenamy                           Crane

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