High School Basketball Season is Here…

A few random thoughts (right or wrong) as we hit the high school basketball season..

  1. Blue Eye Girls are LOADED!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Looking forward to seeing Priscilla Williams play
  3. Good to see Branson girls finally get a big move-in instead a move-out.
  4. Reeds Spring boys could be in for a special season
  5. Got to see the new Harrison gym… its incredible
  6. Andrew Mitchell may just go for 25-15 more often then not.  Dude is a special talent.
  7. Forsyth boys have a shot to be a good group.  They have some athleticism that will cause some matchup problems
  8. Looking forward to most the area teams being in the Forsyth Tourn.
  9. Branson boys have some new faces (on the bench and on the floor) they are a team that will improve more and more as they learn the new system.
  10. Really hoping for a healthy return for Derek Morris at Hollister.  He can be a difference maker
  11. If you don’t know the name Cole Nordin, you will

Could go on for a while… lots to look forward to… some special players that could reach some special marks this year… really looking foreword to the season.   Get out and check out some action next week.  Tournaments going on at Forsyth and Blue Eye and the Battle at the Border taking place at Branson.

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