Rain and District baseball; It seems to be a mix that we get over and over. No doubt some years are worse than others. After a total washout, yesterday, we sit and wait on decisions on whether or not to play today.
Not much that can really be done. It is the time of year where rain is prevalent and a sport that cant be played with too much of the wet stuff. Continue reading “Rain…Rain…Rain”

Time to move on for a Special Wolf…

It should not come as a surprise that my first post on this new venture would have something to do with Reeds Spring Football. But, it is not the kind of post that many would expect.

I want to use this initial post to pay tribute to a very “special” Wolf. This is a guy that has left an impression on me, and the school, that will last for years to come. In talking with a Reeds Spring supporter, I made the comment that: “There has never been a player that played so little, that I will remember so much.” The pure excitement and joy that this guy shows is magnetic. He draws you to him. Continue reading “Time to move on for a Special Wolf…”