2017-2018 “Perry Awards”

With the basketball season coming to an end we turn out attention  to the Spring sports.  Before totally moving on its time to give a little recognition to some of the players in the area that stood out this year.

As with the case last year, I don’t pick an all-star team.  Already a lot of folks do that.  Instead I just pick some players that stood out in some different categories.

Now, a reminder, this is all from the eye test.  I didn’t go line by line over stats, and there could be valid points made for others in each position..  With that being said, here is who made the cut this season:

                                                                                             Girls                                                  Boys


Youngin of the Year(frosh/soph)    Scarlett Texeira-Forsyth              Nathan Garnett-BE                    


Keep an Eye On                                    Maddie Pardeck-Branson          Dawson Deroo-Forsyth


My Final Shot                                    Konnhar Patton-Blue Eye             Lane Carroll-RS


Best Floor General:                           Kelina Asbill-RS                           Zach Martin-SofO


Straight out Player               Taylor Arnold-Blue Eye                      Andrew Mitchell-Blue Eye


Controls the Paint                    Raven Ross-Hollister                      Anthony Stanford-Forsyth


Not About Me                    Lauren Garrison-Branson                    Logen Plumb-Reeds Spring


Coach of the Year                           Ken Elfrink                                            Josh Hart


Player of the Year                    Kohnnar Patton-Blue Eye                    Micaiah Rocha-Forsyth

Photo Courtesy of Jim Connell
photo courtesy of Larry Plumlee


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